Aerodynamics & Turbulence Research Environment for Flight Objects

Thanks to EDISON-KFLOW you can now start your own compressible CFD (Computer fluid Dynamics) workflow in just few clicks. EDISON-KFLOW, in fact, brings you the most innovative feature of HPC (High Performance Computing) and engineering software. EDISON-KFLOW is a web-application which allows to run CFD simulations directly from your browser. The software used to run the calculations are high-accuracy KFLOW solver and  Mesher on EDISON science & engineering platform. The flow solver was originally developed by prof. Park in Konkuk university, and modified for special purposes in KISTI.These high-end simulation framework and solvers provides advanced software for CFD simulations currently available.

< High-fidelity of Flow Solver>


Data is a keyword in this era. Data-driven computational science and engineering is emerging recelty in platform-like environments like EDISON-KFLOW. To follow this research trend, we developed a machine learning driven prediction of aerodynamic performances of various airfoils. 

Using EDISON-KFLOW means entering a new mindset, a new philosophy of simulating. Therefore, in order to be able to read and understand the following tutorials, bear in mind the following key definitions:

Research Platform for the Aerodynamics of Flight Objects such as airfoil, wings, and etc.: High precision / high efficiency aerodynamic / turbulence on simulation software can be utilized.

Simulation Project: Create your own analyzed project space, perform project-based simulations, invite colleagues and discuss.

Dataset / Analysis: Manage / share data or perform analysis / forecasting.

References: You can check the papers and lecture materials related to gas turbine aerodynamics & vibration.




The geometry step represents the phase in which the user defines the main geometrical characteristics of the case. The user is required to draw a complete geometry using a CAD software. The geometry file must be loaded in terms of fluid volume in case of a CFD analysis and solid volume in case of CSD analysis.

File data

  • FreeCAD handles detailed CAD processing, and export the final blade geometry and extracted airfoils. 
  • Upload your geometry file. Supported formats are: OBJ.
  • File Units: definition of the unit system used to generate the geometry file.


  • In geometry phase, the users have got no request to group the input cad file surfaces into boundaries.
  • These boundaries are mostly pre-defined with validated one, and the rest of them can be in later stages



Airfoil Parametrization 

  • In geometry phase of KFLOW the users have got no request to group the input point data file surfaces into boundaries.
  • These boundaries are mostly pre-defined with validated one, and the rest of them can be in later stages

<Airfoil Shape Analyzer>


Grid system for FVM  

  • Structured
  • Plot3D format
  • Mesh type





EDISON-KFLOW provides advanced run-simulation interface service named App_Workbench which enables engineers to run HPC applications more handily.

Users write input parameter data, and  monitor/analyze at the same window. Parametric studies can be performed efficiently.






Large result files can be downloaded, and analyzed in users' own desktop.

EDISON-KFLOW provides VTK and Tecplot format both.






File managing services in the cloud environment 


<UIUC Airfoil Dataset Manager>



EDISON-KFLOW provides several data visualization plots directly loaded from file manager and from users desktop. (X-Y data)




Research papers, technical reports, and tutorial presentations.




Create your own problem group. You can invite other users here, and communicate about the concerned problems.  


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